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January 26, 20229 minutes read

Inspiration Time: Top Automations from Our Social Media Contest

October 26, 202112 minutes read

How to Promote Events on Twitter Like an Automation Ace

October 12, 202111 minutes read

How to Automatically Turn Tweets Into Inspiring Images [Tutorial]

X Best Social Media Scheduling Tools.png
August 11, 20219 minutes read

11 Best Social Media Schedulers to Supercharge Your Posting

June 23, 20218 minutes read

Can You Tweet From Notion? Yes, and Here’s How to Do It [Tutorial]

May 11, 20218 minutes read

How to Get Someone's Tweets Before Anyone Else Does

Automated Twitter notifications help you cash in on fresh information. Here, we will show you how to get someone's tweets before 99% of other Twitter users do.

March 4, 20216 minutes read

How to Automatically Monitor Twitter for Mentions & Keywords [Tutorial]

Mentions, hashtags, keywords: Learn how to automatically monitor Twitter in a step-by-step guide covering all the details.

November 9, 20208 minutes read

How to Get Customers for Your Ecommerce Business: The Channels

A woman carrying a box with Facebook data.
June 29, 20206 minutes read

An Introduction to Facebook Conversions API on Integromat

A woman with a laptop getting Facebook likes.
June 24, 20209 minutes read

Facebook Integrations: A Guide for Beginners

Online automation community posts.
April 20, 20208 minutes read

A Curated List of the Best 30 Automation Communities and Forums There Are

A curated list of the best automation communities and forums, categorized by the most popular automation types there are.

Social media apps and notifications
February 14, 20203 minutes read

Create Your Own Social Media Distribution System

Start auto-posting on Facebook Pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn using this social media distribution system created with Integromat.

A woman with glasses using social media platforms.
January 23, 20206 minutes read

Auto Post from Instagram to Telegram, Pinterest and Other Social Media Platforms

Learn how to automatically post from Instagram to Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media platforms. A step-by-step guide from your friends at Integromat!

Two Facebook specialists working on a campaign.
December 20, 20196 minutes read

Facebook Offline Conversions for Dummies

A gamer setting up Discord integrations.
October 8, 20194 minutes read

Auto Tweet to Your Discord Server, and Other Interesting Discord + Twitter Integrations

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