project management

July 9, 20217 minutes read

How Integromat Turns Notion Into a Mighty Project Management Tool

January 22, 202111 minutes read

How to Link Bases in Airtable: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to link bases in Airtable using Integromat. Streamline your projects, manage data visibility, and automatically copy records from one base to another.

December 8, 202013 minutes read

11 Best ClickUp Integrations for Digital Agencies

Maximize your productivity and time with ClickUp automation. Connect ClickUp to other apps in your toolkit and create ClickUp integrations that work for you.

Online business elements
October 27, 202015 minutes read

5 Steps to Starting an Online Business in 2020

Task automation
July 16, 202010 minutes read

Task Automation: 50 Tasks You Can Automate with Integromat - Part 2

Task automation
July 8, 202014 minutes read

Task Automation: 50 Tasks You Can Automate with Integromat - Part 1

An IT guy with a laptop working on an update of legacy systems.
June 10, 20206 minutes read

A Thorough Guide to Legacy Systems, and How to Move Past Them

A woman with a face mask working from home.
June 9, 20204 minutes read

How Missouri Fixed Its Legacy Ordering Systems to Fight the Pandemic

May 15, 20209 minutes read

Which Time-Tracking Apps Take Screenshots of Your Laptop?

Which time tracking apps capture your screen automatically, and which don’t? Building trust on remote teams can be difficult, and choosing the right tool is key.

April 16, 20207 minutes read

How to Define Your Automation Strategy? Start with Key Business Infrastructure

Selecting the right automation strategy is part of the maturation process for successful SaaS businesses, and there is no point in delaying it further.

Community workers helping others.
April 8, 20204 minutes read

The Human Factor: Community Initiatives Supported by Integromat

Integromat users have been going the extra mile for their communities. Here are some initiatives we are supporting in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two people by the screen choosing a software for their business.
March 27, 20206 minutes read

7 Simple Tips to Evaluate and Choose the Right Software for Your Business

Choosing the ideal software for your business from the never-ending list of options isn’t an easy task. Learn how to improve the process with this method.

A man planning tasks using sticky notes on a blackboard.
March 24, 20206 minutes read

8 Wunderlist Alternatives to Consider Before the Service Shuts Down

Wunderlist will be shut down on May 6th, 2020. Here you will find eight Wunderlist alternatives to keep your tasks tidy and organized.

February 28, 20201 minute read

Creating an Open Source Kanban Board for SAP - Focused Build

Looking for embedded Kanban boards for your SAP environment? Create a Kanban board for your SAP Focused Build using Integromat and Taiga.

A woman with a laptop automating her tasks and productivity.
February 19, 20203 minutes read

Automate Your Productivity in One Place with ClickUp and Integromat

Productivity automation is preparing your company for the next 10 years. Use Integromat to create ClickUp integrations and enjoy the benefits of automation!

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