Avalanche music agency case study-illustration.png
September 15, 20214 minutes read

How Event Automation Helps This Company Behind the Scenes

DJ equipment automation.
March 16, 20205 minutes read

SoundCloud Automation: Learn What You Can Do with Integromat

Use Integromat to develop your own SoundCloud automation and improve workflows related to audio production, distribution, and promotion.

Two men with headphones recording a podcast.
March 11, 20203 minutes read

Auto Upload Podcast Audio from SFTP to SoundCloud

Are you a podcaster, producer, or musician? This use case will show you how to overcome a cumbersome part of your job: uploading files to SoundCloud.

People in a car listening to music from Spotify.
November 21, 20196 minutes read

The Five Best Spotify Integrations That Exist

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