November 9, 20208 minutes read

How to Get Customers for Your E-Commerce Business: The Channels

September 22, 20207 minutes read

The Best 5 E-Commerce Platforms to Start Your Online Business in 2020

A man with a laptop, working and multitasking.
August 3, 20208 minutes read

Automation In The Era of The Short Attention Span

A laptop tracking brand mentions on Reddit.
May 5, 20205 minutes read

Tracking Brand Mentions on Reddit: Two Proven and Effective Methods

Want to see what's happening with your brand on Reddit? We'll show you how to track keywords and brand mentions on Reddit using two simple methods.

A blogger with his laptop writing a blog post for Integromat.
March 5, 20201 minute read

Want to Get Published on the Integromat Blog?

Want to be a guest blogger for Integromat? We are always in for high-quality writing, link building and social media sharing opportunities.

Social media apps and notifications
February 14, 20203 minutes read

Use Case: Create Your Own Social Media Distribution System

Start auto-posting on Facebook Pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn using this social media distribution system created with Integromat.

Uploading pictures to Pinterest.
February 12, 20201 minute read

Use Case: Auto Pinner for Pinterest

Searching for ways to raise your Pinterest game? Use Integromat to create and Auto Pinner and automate pin creation on Pinterest!

People discussing and sharing ideas about SaaS.
January 31, 20209 minutes read

How to Understand Your Users' Needs and Build a Thriving Community Around Your SaaS Product

Two people with a phone sharing ideas about barcodes.
January 31, 20205 minutes read

How to Gather Leads Through a Prize Giveaway Using Barcodes, Google Sheets and Webhooks

Learn how to gather leads using webhooks and a barcode. Let Integromat do the dirty wor and build long-term relationship with your customers.

Two Facebook specialists working on a campaign.
December 20, 20196 minutes read

Facebook Offline Conversions for Dummies

Three people using a no-code web building platform.
November 18, 201915 minutes read

Every Tool You Need to Build Without Code

SEO content and tools.
July 17, 20194 minutes read

The Content Team Backlog: 7 Tools to Produce Timely, SEO-Optimized Content

Three men working on automation of their software.
June 19, 20197 minutes read

4 Tactics to Automate the Adoption of Your Software with Zero Marketing Efforts

A guy working on PC and setting up Alexa.
June 5, 20197 minutes read

How to Make Alexa Read Your Google Analytics Every Morning

Three business colleagues analyzing data in a mobile app.
December 19, 20188 minutes read

8 Business Apps to Watch Out for in 2019

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