December 20, 20217 minutes read

What are Third-Party Integrations and How Do They Work?

July 26, 20217 minutes read

Marketing Integrations 101: Here's What You Need to Know

March 11, 20219 minutes read

The Easiest Way to Integrate GitHub and Jira [Step-by-Step Guide]

In this guide, we will show you how to create GitHub - Jira integrations that lessen the burden on project managers and developers.

March 10, 20218 minutes read

How to Make an API Call With Integromat [Tutorial]

Learn how to use the "Make an API call" Integromat module. Get full API access to automate your tasks!

February 12, 20218 minutes read

7 Time-Saving Cognito Forms Integrations to Simplify Form Building

open house of energy wemakefuture article illustration
February 10, 20215 minutes read

Automation for Climate Change: How OHoE Uses Integromat to Accelerate Industrial Transformation

January 4, 20218 minutes read

Does Shopify Integrate with Etsy? Yes, and Here's How to Do It

December 8, 202013 minutes read

11 Best ClickUp Integrations for Digital Agencies

Maximize your productivity and time with ClickUp automation. Connect ClickUp to other apps in your toolkit and create ClickUp integrations that work for you.

October 30, 20205 minutes read

Insider’s Scoop: What Are the Most Used Apps by Certified Integromat Partners

October 1, 20205 minutes read

From Zapier to Integromat: What Makes Us Different?

A businessman with a suitcase running to work.
August 17, 20205 minutes read

This Contract Management Hack Can Spare Your Company from a PR Disaster

A woman with a laptop and a man working on Airtable integrations in Integromat.
July 28, 20208 minutes read

9 Airtable Integrations You Can Deploy in Minutes with Integromat

Task automation
July 16, 202010 minutes read

Task Automation: 50 Tasks You Can Automate with Integromat - Part 2

Task automation
July 8, 202014 minutes read

Task Automation: 50 Tasks You Can Automate with Integromat - Part 1

A woman carrying a box with Facebook data.
June 29, 20206 minutes read

An Introduction to Facebook Conversions API on Integromat

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