July 21, 20215 minutes read

Recruitment Automation: How Flexiple Helps Startups Find Great Talent

A man with laptop working remotely from home. Home office.
September 7, 20209 minutes read

Pros and Cons of the "New Normal", from Someone Who's Been Living It for Years

May 15, 20209 minutes read

Which Time-Tracking Apps Take Screenshots of Your Laptop?

Which time tracking apps capture your screen automatically, and which don’t? Building trust on remote teams can be difficult, and choosing the right tool is key.

Emailing issues.
January 30, 20203 minutes read

Creating a Gmail Ticketing System with Integromat

Create a Gmail ticketing system to keep your messages organized, and your priorities straight at all times. Integromat helps you do it!

A freelancer with his laptop and cat working from home.
March 20, 20195 minutes read

The 9 Best Tools a Freelancer Can Have in 2019

A freelancer working from home.
February 17, 20195 minutes read

How to Get High-Quality Freelance Jobs with the Skills You Already Have

Four colleagues with laptops sharing their business ideas.
November 21, 20184 minutes read

The Time to Be a Maker Is Now. Here Are Some Ideas and Resources

A freelancer with his laptop working from home.
November 14, 20185 minutes read

Integromat Can Be the Secret Weapon Freelancers Need Right Now

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