A woman holding a document. Document automation.
August 24, 20208 minutes read

What Is Document Control? Definition, Aspects, and the Role of Automation

A woman working with files and folders in electronic document management system (EDMS).
July 22, 202010 minutes read

The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)

A man in the office doing a lot of paperwork.
March 30, 20204 minutes read

Paperwork Automation: Rental Reference Letters

Even when it's 100% digital, hardly anyone cheers at the prospect of having to spend time doing paperwork. With Integromat, you can start automating it all.

A laptop with e-signature.
March 25, 20201 minute read

A Simple Digital Signature Solution for Your Forms

A simple, responsive solution for people to digitally sign their acknowledgment of deals, contracts, and other agreements.

A laptop with Google Docs.
March 13, 20205 minutes read

The Wait is Over: Google Docs Is on Integromat!

With Google Docs now available on Integromat, you can say goodbye to the days of endless copy-pasting and repetitive document templates.

Two men with headphones recording a podcast.
March 11, 20203 minutes read

Auto Upload Podcast Audio from SFTP to SoundCloud

Are you a podcaster, producer, or musician? This use case will show you how to overcome a cumbersome part of your job: uploading files to SoundCloud.

Two people moving their Google Photos to a storage box.
March 6, 20205 minutes read

4 Ways to Backup Your Google Photos and Videos

The are many reasons to back up Google photos and videos, but most of us just want one thing: a safe place for our snapshots.

March 2, 20202 minutes read

Google Docs - Automatically Replace All Old Logos on Current Documents with a New Logo

Looking to replace all your old logos on your Google Docs? Instead of doing it manually, use Integromat and automate the whole process. Let's take a look!

Colleagues with their laptops working with Google Sheets and CloudConvert.
February 4, 20202 minutes read

How to Convert Google Sheets to Various Formats with CloudConvert

This tutorial will show you how to connect CloudConvert and Integromat to automatically convert Google Sheets files into PDF, and save them to Google Drive.

A woman with glasses using social media platforms.
January 23, 20206 minutes read

Auto Post from Instagram to Telegram, Pinterest and Other Social Media Platforms

Learn how to automatically post from Instagram to Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media platforms. A step-by-step guide from your friends at Integromat!

A specialist with a laptop in a data center.
January 23, 20203 minutes read

Transferring Data from One Cloud Storage to Another

With this tutorial, you will learn how to automatically transfer data from one cloud storage to another using Integromat.

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