digital campaigns

February 11, 20224 minutes read

How to Automate Data Collection - Part 3: Paid Ads

September 24, 20205 minutes read

A Ticking Clock for Digital Ads: Exploring the Potential Effects of the Next Cookie Phase-Out

A woman carrying a box with Facebook data.
June 29, 20206 minutes read

An Introduction to Facebook Conversions API on Integromat

A woman with a laptop getting Facebook likes.
June 24, 20209 minutes read

Facebook Integrations: A Guide for Beginners

Email automation concept.
June 16, 20206 minutes read

Shopify Email Automation: Gain a Competitive Edge with Simple Automated Scenarios

An envelope with a MailChimp email.
March 11, 20201 minute read

Tracking Email List Growth with Monthly MailChimp Snapshots

Do you wish to track monthly churn rates for your MailChimp email lists? Do it with Integromat, and send the data to those who need it!

Two Facebook specialists working on a campaign.
December 20, 20196 minutes read

Facebook Offline Conversions for Dummies

People with shopping carts checking out e-shop offers.
September 17, 20195 minutes read

Abandoned Shopify Carts Are a Problem. Autopilot and Integromat Help You Solve It

A guy working on PC and setting up Alexa.
June 5, 20197 minutes read

How to Make Alexa Read Your Google Analytics Every Morning

Hand holding a phone showing Mailchimp and Shopify integration.
March 27, 20192 minutes read

Integrating MailChimp and Shopify: A Simple, Short Mini-Guide

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