People working with Google Sheets.
February 4, 20201 minute read

How to Import Data from Google Sheets into Your Bubble Database

Tired of the repetitive (and costly) task of importing Google Sheets data into Bubble? Automate the workflow and move data between apps seamlessly (and for free).

A specialist with a laptop in a data center.
January 23, 20203 minutes read

Transferring Data from One Cloud Storage to Another

With this tutorial, you will learn how to automatically transfer data from one cloud storage to another using Integromat.

Two Facebook specialists working on a campaign.
December 20, 20196 minutes read

Facebook Offline Conversions for Dummies

A man in his office working with integration software.
November 12, 20193 minutes read

When Choosing Integration Software, You Must Never Lose Sight of the Product

A guy working on PC and setting up Alexa.
June 5, 20197 minutes read

How to Make Alexa Read Your Google Analytics Every Morning

A woman automating her data collection.
January 30, 20192 minutes read

It's Time to Automate Data Collection and Storage

Celebrate with Integromat the best automation tool
January 3, 20185 minutes read

What’s Next for Integromat in 2018

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