March 26, 20216 minutes read

Why EU Companies with Security Concerns Trust Integromat to Automate their Processes

March 18, 20217 minutes read

Like a Champ: How to Save Strava Activities to Google Sheets

Do you track Strava activities and want more in-depth analysis? Learn how to automatically transfer Strava data to Google Sheets to keep track of your progress.

March 1, 20217 minutes read

How to Use Surveys to Map Ecommerce Customer Journeys Like an Expert

February 12, 20218 minutes read

7 Time-Saving Cognito Forms Integrations to Simplify Form Building

November 23, 202011 minutes read

The Ultimate Automation Checklist for Your Online Store

October 1, 20205 minutes read

From Zapier to Integromat: What Makes Us Different?

September 24, 20205 minutes read

A Ticking Clock for Digital Ads: Exploring the Potential Effects of the Next Cookie Phase-Out

A woman with a laptop and a man working on Airtable integrations in Integromat.
July 28, 20208 minutes read

9 Airtable Integrations You Can Deploy in Minutes with Integromat

An IT guy with a laptop working on an update of legacy systems.
June 10, 20206 minutes read

A Thorough Guide to Legacy Systems, and How to Move Past Them

People with face masks during pandemic.
April 10, 20203 minutes read

The Pandemic Requires Fast IT Solutions. Integromat Can Help with That

Solutions can be deployed in record time with Integromat. As long as you rely on the right people and the best tools, nothing is impossible.

People with face masks watching covid19 real time data.
April 6, 20206 minutes read

Introducing the COVID-19 App: Real-Time Data for Your Project

In an effort to support communities, businesses, and institutions, we are introducing the COVID-19 Integromat App. Get real-time data for your project now!

An IT guy solving computer system problems.
March 25, 202011 minutes read

How to Create an Emergency Communication System Using Airtable and Integromat

A step-by-step guide to create an Emergency Communication System that connects people who require assistance with selfless volunteers

Customer support communication.
March 20, 20202 minutes read

An Emergency Communication System Built with Airtable and Integromat

Connect volunteers and people in need of assistance with this scalable, automated emergency communication system. Integromat helps you help others!

People with face masks using Covidu, the covid19 chatbot.
March 19, 20202 minutes read

Meet Covidu, the Chatbot to Stay Updated on COVID-19 Cases around the World

Covidu is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot that provides the latest COVID-19 stats for the country, city or state you specify.

Two women with laptops using Integromat array aggregator.
March 13, 20204 minutes read

The Array Aggregator: Learn How to Use This Tool in a Scenario

The array aggregator is a unique Integromat tool that can take your scenarios to a whole new level. Check out this tutorial to see a real-life

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