customer stories

May 19, 20216 minutes read

How Scentia Saves 10/hrs a Week with Client Onboarding Automation

May 5, 20215 minutes read

How Integromat Helped Turn a 2-hour Task Into a 5-minute One

April 29, 20215 minutes read

How an Entrepreneur Built an Epic Product in a Week with Integromat

open house of energy wemakefuture article illustration
February 10, 20215 minutes read

Automation for Climate Change: How OHoE Uses Integromat to Accelerate Industrial Transformation

A man with laptop working outside in nature.
September 2, 20207 minutes read

Tech for Good Is Good for Tech: An Interview with the CEO of Honest Mobile

Six makers and professionals standing outside and talking about automation.
August 7, 202015 minutes read

The Making of a Maker: Six Professionals Share Their Stories

A woman with a face mask working from home.
June 9, 20204 minutes read

How Missouri Fixed Its Legacy Ordering Systems to Fight the Pandemic

A businessman in a car.
May 20, 20203 minutes read

How Chronext Uses Integromat to Automate Its Customer Service Processes

The global watch-trading platform Chronext automated its customer service using Zendesk and Integromat. This is what they learned in the process.

A UX designer working on a website wireframe.
May 11, 20207 minutes read

The Best Wireframing Tools (According to 10 UX Specialists)

We asked top professionals about their favorite wireframing tools, and the results are in! Read on to see what designers and UX experts are recommending in 2020.

A laptop tracking brand mentions on Reddit.
May 5, 20205 minutes read

Tracking Brand Mentions on Reddit: Two Proven and Effective Methods

Want to see what's happening with your brand on Reddit? We'll show you how to track keywords and brand mentions on Reddit using two simple methods.

People with face masks during pandemic.
April 10, 20203 minutes read

The Pandemic Requires Fast IT Solutions. Integromat Can Help with That

Solutions can be deployed in record time with Integromat. As long as you rely on the right people and the best tools, nothing is impossible.

Community workers helping others.
April 8, 20204 minutes read

The Human Factor: Community Initiatives Supported by Integromat

Integromat users have been going the extra mile for their communities. Here are some initiatives we are supporting in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A successful businessman.
January 21, 20198 minutes read

Profits on the Rise: How a Small Business Succeeded by Adopting Workflow Automation

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