February 18, 20223 minutes read

How to Automate Data Collection - Part 5: CRM Systems

November 5, 202110 minutes read

The 7 Best CRMs for Automation and Integrations: A Comparison

September 21, 20218 minutes read

8 Powerful and Free CRM Integrations to Boost Your Work

November 27, 202014 minutes read

6 Effective Tips to Manage Your Seasonal Inventory over the Holidays

November 23, 202011 minutes read

The Ultimate Automation Checklist for Your Online Store

People with face masks during pandemic.
April 10, 20203 minutes read

The Pandemic Requires Fast IT Solutions. Integromat Can Help with That

Solutions can be deployed in record time with Integromat. As long as you rely on the right people and the best tools, nothing is impossible.

Woman talking with a ManyChat bot.
March 2, 20201 minute read

How to Connect a ManyChat Bot to a Custom CRM on Coda

Are you a real estate professional looking to keep track of your ManyChat messenger bot leads the easy way? We show you how with ManyChat, Coda, and Integromat.

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