August 3, 20216 minutes read

The Easy Guide to Discord Webhooks

May 28, 20219 minutes read

Slack Automation: 20 Free Templates to Get You Inspired

Ready to get started with Slack automation? Get inspired by 20 Integromat templates that will change how you work and communicate on Slack.

November 4, 20206 minutes read

The 6 Best Customer Support Platforms for Ecommerce

A man with laptop working outside in nature.
September 2, 20207 minutes read

Tech for Good Is Good for Tech: An Interview with the CEO of Honest Mobile

Innovative woman holding a big lightbulb.
July 1, 20208 minutes read

The Underestimated Advantage of Having a Great Support Strategy Behind Your Product

A happy businessman in his office.
May 28, 202010 minutes read

3 No-Code Automation Projects Anyone Can Deploy in Minutes

A food delivery during pandemic.
April 23, 20205 minutes read

On Its Way: A No-Code Food Ordering System for Your Restaurant

An IT guy solving computer system problems.
March 25, 202011 minutes read

How to Create an Emergency Communication System Using Airtable and Integromat

A step-by-step guide to create an Emergency Communication System that connects people who require assistance with selfless volunteers

Customer support communication.
March 20, 20202 minutes read

An Emergency Communication System Built with Airtable and Integromat

Connect volunteers and people in need of assistance with this scalable, automated emergency communication system. Integromat helps you help others!

A woman with headphones providing a customer support.
March 17, 20208 minutes read

Automated Customer Service: Leverage Technology to Provide Exceptional Customer Support

Automation technology has heralded a new era for customer support. Use it wisely, and it can help you achieve the highest peak in customer support at scale.

A customer support team working in the office.
February 7, 20207 minutes read

How to Build and Grow Customer Support in a Product-First Company

How to strike the right balance between customer expectations and product development? Keep these tips in mind when aligning your strategies.

Emailing issues.
January 30, 20203 minutes read

Creating a Gmail Ticketing System with Integromat

Create a Gmail ticketing system to keep your messages organized, and your priorities straight at all times. Integromat helps you do it!

Three people using a no-code web building platform.
November 18, 201915 minutes read

24 Most Powerful Tools You Need to Build Without Code

A businessman talking with Slackbot.
November 8, 20197 minutes read

7 Slack Bots to Look Out for in 2020

Remote team online meeting.
October 25, 20196 minutes read

7 Principles for Effective Remote Team Communication

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