November 4, 20206 minutes read

The 6 Best Customer Support Platforms for E-Commerce

A man with laptop working outside in nature.
September 2, 20207 minutes read

Tech for Good is Good for Tech: An Interview With the CEO of Honest Mobile

Innovative woman holding a big lightbulb.
July 1, 20208 minutes read

The Underestimated Advantage of Having a Great Support Strategy Behind Your Product

A happy businessman in his office.
May 28, 202010 minutes read

3 No-Code Automation Projects Anyone Can Deploy in Minutes

A food delivery during pandemic.
April 23, 20205 minutes read

On Its Way: A No-Code Food Ordering System for Your Restaurant

An IT guy solving computer system problems.
March 25, 202011 minutes read

How to Create an Emergency Communication System Using Airtable And Integromat

A step-by-step guide to create an Emergency Communication System that connects people who require assistance with selfless volunteers

Customer support communication.
March 20, 20202 minutes read

Use Case: An Emergency Communication System Built With Airtable and Integromat

Connect volunteers and people in need of assistance with this scalable, automated emergency communication system. Integromat helps you help others!

A woman with headphones providing a customer support.
March 17, 20208 minutes read

Automated Customer Service: Leverage Technology to Provide Exceptional Customer Support

Automation technology has heralded a new era for customer support. Use it wisely, and it can help you achieve the highest peak in customer support at scale.

A customer support team working in the office.
February 7, 20207 minutes read

How You Can Build and Grow Your Customer Support in a Product-First Company

Does it ever feel like product and support are running in two different directions? This is common in product-first companies. Learn how to deal with it!

Emailing issues.
January 30, 20202 minutes read

Use Case: Creating a Gmail Ticketing System With Integromat

Create a Gmail ticketing system to keep your messages organized, and your priorities straight at all times. Integromat helps you do it!

Three people using a no-code web building platform.
November 18, 201915 minutes read

Every Tool You Need to Build Without Code

A businessman talking with Slackbot.
November 8, 20197 minutes read

7 Slack Bots to Look Out For in 2020

Remote team online meeting.
October 25, 20196 minutes read

7 Principles for Effective Remote Team Communication

Two guys making a business deal.
May 29, 20195 minutes read

5 Proposal Management Software Tools to Help You Seal the Deal

A woman with headphones providing customer support of her business.
May 22, 20194 minutes read

Customer Service 24/7: How to Automate Processes for Phone Calls to Your Small Business

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