People with face masks using Covidu, the covid19 chatbot.
March 19, 20202 minutes read

Meet Covidu, the Chatbot To Stay Updated on COVID-19 Cases Around the World

Covidu is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot that provides the latest COVID-19 stats for the country, city or state you specify.

A woman with headphones providing a customer support.
March 17, 20208 minutes read

Automated Customer Service: Leverage Technology to Provide Exceptional Customer Support

Automation technology has heralded a new era for customer support. Use it wisely, and it can help you achieve the highest peak in customer support at scale.

Woman talking with a ManyChat bot.
March 2, 20201 minute read

Use Case: Connect a ManyChat Bot to a Custom CRM on Coda

Import ManyChat leads into a real estate CRM template. With this Coda and Integromat integration you can customize your CRM to meet your business workflows!

A businessman talking with Slackbot.
November 8, 20197 minutes read

7 Slack Bots to Look Out For in 2020

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