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January 22, 202111 minutes read

How to Link Bases in Airtable: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to link bases in Airtable using Integromat. Streamline your projects, manage data visibility, and automatically copy records from one base to another.

January 21, 202110 minutes read

What are Pop-Up Triggers? A Mini-Guide for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

January 18, 202114 minutes read

Does Your Business Need a Chatbot? Getting the Options Right

January 15, 20216 minutes read

Using Slack to Create UTM Links: The Definitive Guide

Looking to identify where your traffic is coming from? Learn how to generate Google tracking URLs for your marketing campaigns using Slack and Integromat.

January 8, 20218 minutes read

The Ultimate Solution to Organize Your Saved Reddit Posts

As your list of saved Reddit posts builds up, it becomes difficult to manage them. Here, we show you how to export posts automatically for better results.

January 6, 20217 minutes read

How to Send New WooCommerce Orders to Shopify Using Integromat

Learn how to automatically send new WooCommerce Orders to Shopify with our step-by-step guide by a certified Integromat Partner Andy O’Neil.

January 4, 20218 minutes read

Does Shopify Integrate with Etsy? Yes, and Here's How to Do It

December 25, 202011 minutes read

8 Ways to Automate Your Invoices for Faster Processing

December 18, 202010 minutes read

Starting to Sell Online? Here's How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway

December 14, 202011 minutes read

From Brick and Mortar to Shopify: The Transition to Your First Digital Store

December 11, 20206 minutes read

4 Tips to Improve Your B2B Sales Experience

December 9, 20207 minutes read

5 Tips to Reduce Your Shop's Cart Abandonment Rates

December 8, 202013 minutes read

11 Best ClickUp Integrations for Digital Agencies (and How to Put Them to Work)

Maximize the potential of the resources you already pay for with these automated digital agency workflows that connect ClickUp to other apps in your toolkit.

December 4, 202012 minutes read

7 Ways to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store with Typeform

November 30, 20209 minutes read

Stripe vs Square for International Payments: Which One Is Best?

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