Integrating MailChimp and Shopify: A Simple, Short Mini-Guide

If you did not hear, MailChimp announced that Mailchimp’s Integration with Shopify is Going Away

But where one door closes, a window opens. Integromat offers support for both services and has integration templates for Shopify and MailChimp ready for you to use, for free today! 

MailChimp, the marketing automation platform and email marketing service, announced they dissolved their integration relationship with Shopify as of March 21st, 2019. This is due to Shopify’s changes to the terms of their data sharing provisions. 

As of this date, the MailChimp integration is no longer available on the Shopify app store for new users to access. However, existing users can use this integration with the e-commerce platform until May 12th of this year. 

Whether you are a brand-new user or looking to just rip the band-aid off and switch to another platform sooner rather than later, we have you covered!

MailChimp and Shopify integrations

As mentioned, we have whole lists of modules for both MailChimp and Shopify that will let you integrate these platforms in literally any way you need to. 

For MailChimp, we support over 22 modules, comprising of different triggers that let you watch for something in Mailchimp and actions that let you do something in MailChimp, automatically. 

This includes allowing you to watch, create, edit, and retrieve campaigns, lists, files, and members. See the Mailchimp App on Integromat. The same goes for Shopify. 

And we just did an update to the Shopify listing, where we have now over 50 modules for you to use in your integrations. 

The Shopify modules allow you to monitor, create, update, delete, and search orders, products, product variants, product images, customers, articles, pages, refunds, inventory, abandoned checkouts, and transactions in your Shopify account. 

Already have some integration needs and ideas? Well here is another to get you going.

Add new Shopify customers to a MailChimp mailing list

Here is a template that is already set up and all that is needed is for you to enter your own credentials to connect your data.


With this one, every time you create a customer in Shopify, Integromat will automatically add that contact to a selected MailChimp mailing list. 

By clicking on the template below, it will take you through the integration build step-by-step, from setting up the connections to your MailChimp and Shopify accounts to mapping your data. 

And, before you ask, yes, it’s all without any coding. Just don’t forget to sign up for a free Integromat account if you haven’t yet to get started.

Of course, you can totally build off of this template to suit your needs with any other apps or features! Let us know what else you would like to see for these integrations. 

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