How Integromat and HubSpot Are Key to Automating Business Ops

Integromat’s visual automation platform is transforming the way modern enterprises, busy entrepreneurs, and fast-growing start-ups operate by empowering teams to design, build, and automate entire business processes without coding.

HubSpot is on the same mission — to streamline business operations and create a unified platform to work out of, no tedious data management involved.

The implications of this are pretty straightforward: When all teams in an organization are using a unified platform or ecosystem of apps and the same data is available for different teams, businesses run more smoothly and departments work better together. 

On the other hand, with siloed data and operations, marketing source data may never reach sales outcomes, preventing teams from understanding which campaigns are actually driving revenue.

Additionally — if every team in your organization uses a different project management tool and no one is willing to switch, the consequences can be dire. At companies with large-scale operations, each manual task adds up quickly, unknowingly costing organizations millions of dollars and time due to inefficient processes.

The 1,000+ apps available in Integromat and HubSpot’s automation features are a reference for smart workflows.

These two top-rated apps working together make operations possible for any business scenario. Whether that’s setting a reminder to follow up with prospects when they open marketing newsletters, or creating and sending invoices after a customer makes a purchase, there’s a template for that use case in Integromat.

For example, here’s how agile organizations can use the following Integromat integration with HubSpot to improve business operations.

Why integrate and automate business operations using Integromat - HubSpot integrations?

Integromat supercharges your HubSpot account and enables companies to:

  1. Visually build and create complex workflows to automate any task or process imaginable without coding
  2. Free up developer time by empowering non-technical and technical teams to innovate
  3. Scale faster than ever before with pre-built templates and community-driven support
  4. Get enterprise-grade security and compliance (ISO27001, SOC2, GDPR compliant, TISAX, CSA Star Program)
  5. Access to a growing list of apps and endpoints, HTTP module connects to any REST app or service featuring an API

With 1,000+ available apps and 6,000+ endpoints, Integromat’s visual automation platform lets you build and automate in minutes and hours instead of days and weeks.

3 ways to use Integromat and HubSpot to connect business processes and create complex workflows

Almost all business operations can be integrated and connected; it’s a matter of finding the most efficient way to do it with a partner whose technology you trust.

1. Create complex integrations and workflows to solve business challenges

Integromat scenarios can complete multiple actions in succession as a chain of actions between several platforms.

For example, in the scenario below, users can set up a workflow that triggers when a contact meets certain criteria in the HubSpot CRM, like signaling being ready to sign a contract by scheduling a sales meeting.

Then, the scenario creates and edits a Google Doc template for a contract, adds relevant contact information, and sends it in an email as a PDF attachment. Finally, the entire transaction is automatically captured by the HubSpot CRM, and the end-to-end process is automated without any coding.

You could even take this workflow one step further and set up an automated trigger to send an alert or Slack update when the contract is signed.

2. Consolidate workflows and reduce manual tasks

Toggling between workflows? Turn them into a single, streamlined workflow that rules them all. Gather all the incoming data into one platform using an Integromat-powered HubSpot workflow.

The scenario below shows a Facebook lead ad who is then automatically added to MailerLite and the HubSpot CRM as a contact, mapping the same properties across all tools.

3. Connect HubSpot to over 1,000 apps, services, and integrations

When it comes to day-to-day activities in any organization, there are tasks that are not being executed in the most efficient way.

What is still being done using spreadsheets? Or manual data transfers? To become more efficient, evaluate all of the apps, integrations, and tools your organization uses and look for ways to eliminate tedious manual work using automation.

Integromat’s library of connected apps includes: Airtable, Google Business Apps, Slack, Wistia, Wordpress, Zendesk, Zoho, Workday, ServiceNow, SAP, Salesforce, and many, many other apps.

Filters and functions in Integromat can make a simple integration smarter and customize scenarios for your business needs.

Tech partners and brands at max efficiency with Integromat and HubSpot

Integromat visual automation platform is trusted by companies around the globe and includes The United Nations, Adidas, Spotify, and Heineken.

And when combined with HubSpot’s expansive marketing, sales, and customer service functionalities, Integromat integrations allow companies to power anything from HR onboarding experiences to automatic record updates and invoice management tasks.

When companies use Integromat with HubSpot to automate their business operations, they empower employees to innovate, think about the bigger picture, and transform entire business operations.

Most importantly, these strategic workflows have the power to save significant costs and time for any organization whilst improving the customer and employee experience - all at once.

Start to explore the uber-efficient possibilities by adding the Integromat integration to your HubSpot platform today!

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