Google Outage Update: Here’s What’s Been Happening

Update: We are facing newer issues with our YouTube connector. Google has denied us to access to the API because according to them, we violate Youtube’s API usage rules, which is untrue. Google’s explanation is that we incorrectly use the Youtube Player which is ridiculous because our integration doesn’t use the Youtube Player at all. We have written to them mutiple times explaining how we use the API but they continue to stay ignorent. We have also submitted a new request to extend API usage quotas but haven’t gotten any response yet. 

On December 9th, Integromat was hit by a Google outage, which affected new connections with Gmail, Sheets, Calendar, Analytics and other Google services that are part of our ecosystem.

First and foremost, the outage is nearly over.

Integromat and the Google Security Review team have been working together to reduce the issue’s magnitude, although a few accounts still need further assessment.

If you still have problems related to this issue, please remove Integromat from the Google permissions page (, and then create a new connection in Integromat.

Now it’s time to explain what happened.

A glitch in the matrix

The outage was generated by a glitch in app scopes and permissions: Integromat’s access to a number of Google apps was not recognized by Google as verified, which triggered access denials for new connections with Google services that came from Integromat.

But was our access to Google apps in need of verification?

The answer is “no”.

In 2019, Integromat decided to undergo Google’s intensive review and verification process, which was successfully and officially completed by November 22nd. Please refer to the letter of assessment below:


Integromat’s security review: excerpt from the final letter of assessment

However, for reasons unknown to us, some of our app scopes were deemed unverified without any prior intimation.

After we identified the issue, collaboration with Google teams ensued. If you are curious about Google’s verification process, you can visit this page. Please note that Integromat has held a “verified app” status before, during, and after the glitch.

Standards and future measures

As our customers and partners know, Integromat operates under the industry’s highest quality and security standards.

Until the outage took place, our scopes were working the way they are supposed to: at full strength, approved and verified by the owners of the apps in question.

In foresight, we will double our efforts in making sure that

  • App access remains top-of-class
  • Early-warning systems are implemented

To conclude, we deeply appreciate your patience, and sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.

Thank you,

The Integromat Team