Conference recording: The 2nd Digital Revolution – Create the future with No-Code

Do you believe that the future is no-code? Well, we sure do!

That’s why we’re excited to share that we were part of the conference series, “The 2nd Digital Revolution – Create the future with No-Code,” presented by Ninox. Watch the conference recording below.

For anyone who wasn’t able to attend, this conference is perfect for learning about the power of no-code and how it can be used to fuel businesses, websites, projects, integrations, and more. It also shares use cases and discussion points for a wide range of industries, so there is something for everyone.

Some highlights of the conference were listening to thought leaders of the no-code community speak, such as John Rymer, a Forrester Chief analyst who coined the term “low-code,” John Bratincevic, a Forrester Chief analyst, Ben Tossell, Founder of Makerpad, Integromat’s very own Head of Growth, Arpit Choudhury, and many more!

If you liked the conference recording and want to be a bigger part of the conversation around no-code, join The 2nd Digital Revolution – Community on Slack.

P.S. Stay tuned! There is more to this series coming soon. 🙌