Introducing the #NoCode COVID-19 Challenge Winners


Our #NoCode COVID-19 challenge is officially over, and it’s time to announce (and congratulate!) the winners.

Now, let’s take a look at their submissions. 

First Prize Winner: Hoil_bot

Created by Naga Sai Vishnu, the Hoil_bot is a Telegram bot that sends the contact information of organizations assisting in your city/state. The bot provides information about the following types of organizations:

  • Soup kitchens and food pantries
  • Ambulance services
  • Government helpline
  • Official testing labs
  • Fundraisers
  • Emotional support

The bot only covers India at the moment, but it could be easily scaled to cover every country in the world, and also to become useful beyond the current situation.

We hope you keep creating useful, functional products with Integromat’s help, Vishu. Enjoy your free Business Plan!

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Second Prize Winner: Covi

Covi is simple, useful Twitter bot developed by Oliver Werrmann.

You can DM Covi with the name of your country, and it will return an updated overview of the COVID-19 situation.

For heavy Twitter users, it’s a perfect, straight-to-the-point solution to stay informed about the pandemic.

Congratulations, Oliver. Enjoy your free, 12-month-long Standard Plan!

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Third Prize Winner: COVID-19 Recovery Bot

Created by Ayoola Animashaun, the Recovery Bot is a “good news” Twitter bot.

In times where sad statistics run rampant, this bot has been designed to share recovery information of the country you choose.

The Recovery Bot will soon go live, and we hope it will help cheer up as many people as possible. We could really use more good news in times like these!

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Wrapping Up

The challenge demonstrated that people around the world are working hard towards making the best of the situation. The times are tough, but creativity remains strong.

We are more than happy with the results and wish to thank NoCodeDevs and all the participants for giving it all on such short notice.

Until the next one!