Automatically Update Contact Lists with SigParser on Integromat

Keeping contact lists up-to-date is crucial for sales and marketing teams. That’s a given. But doing the task, well, it is not always the most exciting one. 

Collecting contact data and inputting data into contact lists is boring, monotonous, and tedious. It is usually the dreaded task of copy-paste that befalls on to some unexpected member of your team. 

Wishing to save them but not wanting to do it yourself, we have to ask ourselves, there must be a way to have this done for us. 

There is — SigParser!

Say good-bye to copy and paste

SigParser has the capability to automatically parse data from the place where most contact details can be found, email signatures. 

With SigParser you can automatically grab information like titles, phone numbers, and SM URLs. Not only can you easily capture this information with SigParser but you can also link it up to any other app using an integration platform to send that parsed information where it needs to go. 

Integromat is one of those integration platforms and a very purposeful one because of its advanced capabilities. Integromat helps to connect online applications so that you can more easily and quickly accomplish your work. 

Integromat can link SigParser up to any online application, transferring your data to its ultimate destination. Making multi-step actions a breeze, Integromat can help get your SigParser information where and how it needs to be to update your contact lists. 

To show you how to get started, we have a few templates ready for you and your team to use.

Parse email signatures and add/update contacts in SalesForce

For a perfect example of how you can use SigParser on Integromat to automatically update CRM data, we have a template that shows you how you can update your contacts in SalesForce. 

Every time a new email arrives in a Gmail account, Integromat will start a scenario where SigParser will parse the data from the sender’s email signature. 

It will parse out data like phone number, address, title, etc. It will then go into SalesForce and either update an existing contact if the contact already exists, or it will create a new contact in SalesForce.


You can start using this scenario immediately by checking out the template here. Or, here is a video tutorial. In the tutorial, Paul from SigParser even covers how you can plan for other variables like filtering out spam emails!

Parse email signatures and add/update contacts in a Google Sheet

This template is great for general collection of parsed data. With this scenario employed, you can keep data in one place, a Google Sheet, and then connect that Google Sheet to other apps later on as you see fit. 

Every time a new email arrives in a Gmail account, Integromat will start a scenario where SigParser will parse out the data from the email signature. 

It will then send the parsed data through a router to either update a row in Google Sheets (if the contact exists) or add a new row to a Google Sheet (if the contact is new).


Again, we have you covered with a pre-mapped template here or a video tutorial here

There you have it! A way to save you and your team hours of time by no longer manually updating your contact lists. 

Check SigParser out on Integromat. 

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