How to Connect to Integromat

Keeping a team running, flowing and working the way they are designed to can sometimes be trickier than it appears. With multiple boards, tasks lists, due dates, users, streams of consciousness, and coffee-fuelled tangents to capture and organize, this part often becomes the real challenge over the project itself. But with the flexible project management platform, it makes it a whole lot easier.

Automate your tasks (formerly dapulse) simplifies the way your team works. It matches the fluid and spider-like ways teams function and produce. is a multi-platform project management and collaboration tool. With it you can manage your workload, communicate with your team, and celebrate your successes. All in one system, your team can work intuitively while still working accurately. With the inclusion of Integromat, you can heighten these functions and seamlessly accomplish your work within as well as your tasks that involve connecting with other apps. 

So, what exactly can Integromat help you do?

Integromat scenarios for

There is a lot of cool stuff Integromat can help you do. In fact, has a great set of videos that showcase some of the top things you can do with Integromat. 

To start, check this one out. This tutorial shows you how you can use Integromat to easily sync two date columns to update dates for pulses on 

But, here we thought we would take it a step further.

1. Update a “due status” column based on another status column

So, let’s say you have multiple pulses in a board and you want to organize multiple different due dates by done, overdue, upcoming, and due today. Integromat allows you to use routers which help you to branch out your bundles of data to do multiple actions like this at the same time. 

In the scenario below, you can easily organize the due dates for your pulses. It will update a “Due Status” column based on another status column and the pulse’s due date. This will show you if a pulse is done, upcoming, due today, or overdue.


To create this scenario, simply set up the search module, List pulses in the board or in the group. It will then pass on all the pulses in the board or group through a router that will divide the pulses from “Done” and “Not Done” by using a filter. If “Done” it will update the status to “Done”. If “Not Done”, it will then go through another router and filter between “Due Today”, “Overdue”, or “Upcoming”. 

Set the scenario to run every morning and have an up-to-date list of pulses that are finished, overdue, or still in the upcoming pile. 

2. Send updates to Slack 

Following these actions, you could take the scenario one step further and send those that have pulses due today or have overdue pulses a friendly reminder through Slack

Simply add the Slack module, Create a message after the modules, Update a status column’s value with the filter “Due Today” and with the filter “Overdue”.


To get your feet wet with this scenario, you can start with a compact version of this here

As you can see, Integromat makes it easy to accomplish your tasks, so you can continue to work how you were meant to! 

And, to get started with any of these scenarios you just have to make a quick connection between Integromat and

How to get started with on Integromat

Connecting your account to Integromat is simple. Here is an easy to use guide to get you going on your scenarios:

  • First, if you don’t have an account with Integromat yet, start by signing up for free at
  • Next, go to your Dashboard and click the Create a new scenario button.
  • When creating your first scenario using, Integromat will prompt you to connect after you choose your module.
  • Click the Add button to begin your connection.
  • Next, it will ask you for your API key. To get your API key, log into your account and go to https://<your_domain> Copy your company API key.
  • Paste your key into the panel in Integromat and click Continue.

And, that’s it. You are connected to Integromat. 

Simplify the way your team works with and Integromat. 

For a full listing of modules and scenario templates, visit our integrations page.

If this has inspired you or would like to check out our service, visit and try it for free today!

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