Use Cases

Use Case: Connecting Dux-Soup Turbo to Hubspot, Pipedrive, SugarCRM, Salesforce and More

Bring your lead generation efforts to new heights by connecting Dux-Soup Turbo to your CRM. Integromat makes it possible!


The Problem

The main reason why users of Dux-Soup Linkedin automation plugin upgrade to the Turbo version is to connect their CRM and benefit from marketing automation.

However, the correct setup is hard to understand and brings many pitfalls. In addition, the Dux-soup team creates education materials to guide users through bugs, but only covers a Zapier + Hubspot integration.

The Solution

Using Integromat, Dux-Soup users are able to connect their CRM via webhooks. The integration gets back the webhook URL and pastes it to Dux-Soup Settings → Connect → Webhook


Once this is done, Dux-Soup Turbo creates/updates the user’s CRM by adding company, contact info, creating a default deal. It also activates Message Bridge and Remote Control.


The Benefits

  • Skip integration manuals, save time and energy to 1-2 clicks
  • The Dux-soup team does not need to assist with the creation of the integration/connection
  • Dux-Soup users can save more than 80% of Zapier’s costs

Apps Used


The templates above are ready to be used, allowing you to connect your CRM and Dux-Soup Turbo in just a few minutes. For more information, please contact Tomas Banik.

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