A little programmer sitting on a big laptop.
May 1, 20193 minutes read

How to Use the Iterator and Array Aggregator in Your Integromat Scenarios

Sometimes we need to do more than just transfer data: we need to transform it. Here's where Integromat's iterator and array aggregator tools come into play.

March 10, 20218 minutes read

How to Make an API Call With Integromat [Tutorial]

Learn how to use the "Make an API call" Integromat module. Get full API access to automate your tasks!

Colleagues watching changes in Google Sheets spreadsheet.
January 22, 20204 minutes read

How to Use the Google Sheets Watch Changes Module

Learn how to automatically send an email whenever a Google spreadsheet is updated. A step-by-step guide from your friends at Integromat!

A man on a ladder uploading pictures to a cloud service.
February 24, 20202 minutes read

How to Use HTML to Send Emails with Embedded Images

Elevate your email marketing strategies by automatically attaching images to the email blasts you send. Learn how to do it using this Integromat tutorial!

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February 18, 20223 minutes read

How to Automate Data Collection - Part 5: CRM Systems

February 14, 20226 minutes read

How to Automate Data Collection - Part 4: Chatbot Marketing

February 11, 20224 minutes read

How to Automate Data Collection - Part 3: Paid Ads

February 4, 20223 minutes read

How to Automate Data Collection - Part 2: Email Marketing Segmentation

January 28, 20225 minutes read

5 Automated Solutions to Personalize Customer Experience

January 17, 20224 minutes read

How to Automate Data Collection - Part 1: Online Forms

January 12, 20229 minutes read

12 Processes that You Can Automate to Boost Your HR Efforts

January 7, 20227 minutes read

6 Help Desk Integrations to Boost Your Customer Support Efforts

December 29, 20219 minutes read

How to Automate Lead Scoring With Integromat

December 16, 20218 minutes read

Too Many Shopify Apps? Let Integromat Templates Take Over

December 6, 20216 minutes read

6 Recruitment Automation Solutions for the Overloaded Recruiter

November 24, 202110 minutes read

How to Automatically Collect Customer Testimonials [Tutorial]

November 9, 202115 minutes read

Automated Lead Routing: 3 Solutions for Busy Sales Teams

October 26, 202112 minutes read

How to Promote Events on Twitter Like an Automation Ace

October 12, 202111 minutes read

How to Automatically Turn Tweets Into Inspiring Images [Tutorial]

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