October 1, 20205 minutes read

From Zapier to Integromat: What Makes Us Different?

Two women with laptops using Integromat array aggregator.
March 13, 20204 minutes read

The Array Aggregator: Learn How to Use This Tool in a Scenario

The array aggregator is a unique Integromat tool that can take your scenarios to a whole new level. Check out this tutorial to see a real-life

Task automation
July 8, 202014 minutes read

Task Automation: 50 Tasks You Can Automate with Integromat - Part 1

A woman with a laptop and a man working on Airtable integrations in Integromat.
July 28, 20208 minutes read

9 Airtable Integrations You Can Deploy in Minutes with Integromat


Cross-Functional Project Workflow-Illustration.png
September 9, 202110 minutes read

The Quick Guide to Cross-Functional Project Workflows

July 1, 20215 minutes read

Workflows and Processes: How to Tell Them Apart?

June 8, 20219 minutes read

12 Productivity Hacks to Level Up Your Small [But Busy] Business

June 1, 20217 minutes read

9 Easy Ways to Automate Your Remote Onboarding Today

May 21, 20218 minutes read

20+ Resources to Start Learning Automation Like a Pro

May 3, 202111 minutes read

Lead Automation: 9 Practical Solutions to Accelerate Your Sales

April 23, 202114 minutes read

20+ Sales Automation Benefits No Salesperson Can Ignore in 2021

April 21, 202112 minutes read

12 Pros and Cons of Automated Customer Service

April 8, 202117 minutes read

25 Simple Workplace Automation Ideas for Teams Under 25 Employees

April 2, 202110 minutes read

5 Signs You Need Workflow Automation

March 31, 20218 minutes read

What to Automate? 3 Simple Ways to Get Automation Ideas

March 26, 20216 minutes read

Why EU Companies with Security Concerns Trust Integromat to Automate their Processes

March 25, 202111 minutes read

The Complete Guide to Accounting Automation: Benefits & Tips

February 26, 202112 minutes read

Does Automation Increase Productivity? 7 Data-backed Findings

February 3, 202112 minutes read

10 Sales Processes You Can Automate Right Away with Integromat

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