Capsule CRM and Integromat: Capturing the Right Information at the Right Time

The smart simple online CRM software, Capsule CRM is now available on Integromat. 

Capsule CRM provides a simple and fresh way for you and your team to become more organized and collaborative within your sales pipeline. Its contact management capabilities, tasks and calendars, and customization features allow you to align Capsule with your business to capture the right information at the right time. 

And with its appearance on Integromat, we can help streamline these processes helping you to stay on track and save even more time. With our unique integration builder, you can drag and drop this app to the other apps you use to connect in thousands of different ways. 

That’s right! You heard right, thousands! Probably downplaying too;).

Integrate Capsule CRM with hundreds of other apps

We have an exhaustive list of Capsule CRM modules that you can link to thousands of other modules, automating almost any workflow that you need to automate. 

Do you want to watch for newly added or updated bundles of data to pass on to another app? Choose from any one of our Capsule CRM triggers.

  • Watch for new opportunities, new tasks, new cases, and new parties

Are you wanting to add data into Capsule CRM, delete a certain task, update a tag, or generate bundles of data to use in any one of your other apps? Choose from any one of our Capsule CRM actions.

  • Create entries, opportunities, tracks, cases, tags, tasks, parties, custom fields, milestones
  • Delete entries, opportunities, tracks, cases, tags, tasks, parties, custom fields, milestones
  • Update entries, opportunities, tracks, cases, tags, tasks, parties, custom fields, milestones
  • Show entries, opportunities, tracks, cases, tags, tasks, parties, custom fields, milestones

Are you looking to grab an entire list of something? Use any one of our Capsule CRM searches to pull data bundles based on the parameters you specify to be used for further action.

  • Search opportunities, parties, and cases
  • List tags, entries, parties, milestones, opportunities, cases, custom fields, tasks, tracks
  • Show multiple cases, multiple parties

So what kind of integrations can you make?

Integromat can help you do a lot of simple but tedious tasks by using the above modules and linking them to others. For instance:

  • Add new Capsule CRM tasks to Todoist
  • Add new Google Contacts to Capsule CRM as people
  • Add new Asana tasks to Capsule CRM
  • Add new Wufoo form entries to Capsule CRM as people

But, we can also do a lot more. Where we differ from similar automation platforms is that we can help you accomplish more intricate tasks. 

How data flows is not always in a clean A to B line. How we want to transfer data between apps often includes a transformation phase which requires multiple steps, different offshoots, and many permutations. Here are a few examples of how we can take your integrations to the next level:

Add new Eventbrite contacts to Capsule CRM as people.

Every time a new attendee registers for your Eventbrite event, Integromat will automatically create a new person in Capsule CRM.

eventbrite-capsule-integration-altEventbrite and Capsule CRM scenario

But what if you already have some of these attendees in your Capsule CRM system? 

You probably don’t want to create duplicate records. In this case, all you have to do is add the Capsule CRM module, List Parties and add a handy filter to the route. 

In doing so, it will go through your current list of parties in Capsule CRM and filter out those that that already exist in Capsule CRM and only pass on those that are new to your list of Capsule CRM parties.

scenario2-capsule-crm-integromat-11Eventbride and Capsule CRM scenario 2

Send slack messages for new Capsule CRM opportunities 

Every time a new opportunity is created in Capsule CRM, Integromat will automatically send a message in Slack.

slack-capsule-crm-automation-1Slack and Capsule CRM scenario 1

But, let’s say you just want to send a quick message in Slack and wanted to send further details and any attachments in an email to the appropriate employee. 

By adding a router into your scenario you can set both actions in motion at the same time. 

Map the Capsule CRM fields that you want to send for a quick message in the Slack module, Create a message. With the Gmail module, do the same. Map the fields and any attachments to the Gmail module, Send an email. 

And all at once when a new opportunity is created in Capsule CRM, the employee will be notified in Slack and sent an email.

slack-gmail-capsule-crm-automation-11Slack, Gmail and Capsule CRM scenario 2

For a full overview of modules and integration templates, visit our Capsule CRM integration page. 

To do any of the above integrations or create your own integration you need to give Integromat access to your Capsule account. To connect your Capsule CRM account to Integromat, follow the instructions for connecting to Capsule CRM

How are you using Integromat with Capsule CRM? 

If this has inspired you or would like to check out our service, visit and try it for free today!

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