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Use Case: Auto Pinner for Pinterest

Searching for ways to raise your Pinterest game? Use Integromat to create and Auto Pinner and automate pin creation on Pinterest!

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Image credit: Ouch

The Problem

Creating Pinterest pins can be a time-consuming task when done frequently.

The Need

Considering the problem, a solution that saves time by streamlining the pin creation process is needed. The solution must be:

  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Cost-effective
  • Clever

The Solution

The Auto Pinner is an Integromat template that automates the creation of pins to Pinterest. The template is designed to:

  • Watch a Google Drive folder for new files
  • Grab the image
  • Extract text from the image
  • Post the image to Pinterest using the extracted text as a description
  • Move the original image to a permanent folder in Google Drive


The auto pinner is great for marketing professionals, influencers, and other Pinterest super users.

The Benefits

  • Save time
  • Streamline the pin creation process
  • Focus on what matters: the content, and not the process

Apps Used


For more information about this integration, please contact Keith Pieper, Startup Product Manager at

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